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  • Canceling your warranty WILL NOT LOWER your monthly payment

  • You do not have to cancel your warranty when refinancing the loan; your vehicle remains covered under your warranty regardless of who your lien holder is

  • When selling your vehicle to another individual, you can transfer the warranty  to the new owner within 15 days of sale for only a $50.00 fee

Please complete the form to request the cancellation of your Fortress Warranty. If your vehicle has been sold, traded, or paid off, please upload a copy of your buyer's order, odometer statement, or letter from the lien holder in the provided areas.  Please upload a total loss letter from your insurance company if it's a total loss.  Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for your request to be finalized. You can also fax us a copy of these documents to (866) 719-2738. 

I wish to cancel...
Upload Odometer Statement
Upload Buyer's Order
Upload Payoff letter from Lien Holder
Upload Total Loss letter from Insurance Company

Thanks for submitting!

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